My Thoughts On Ashlee Simpson

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I personally think that anyone can get a record deal these days. Example: William Hung. Everyone knows he can’t sing but finds him somewhat amusing & the Music Industry knows that it will make a profit. I think that Ashlee is the same way. Her MTV show was taping at the very moment she signed the papers to Geffen. Of course MTV sees dollar signs with a new show focusing little on the music aspect & more on the private life of a so-called celebrity. Ever heard of the song ‘1985’ by Bowling for Soup? The lyric: “…when music was still on MTV…”describes the present MTV perfectly.

I’ll admit that I watched the “Ashlee” show in the beginning. Mainly to see how many seconds it will take for her to screech again to be honest with you. Over time, I began to like her, as her voice appeared to be getting better. When June 2004 rolled around, I wanted her album.

When the SNL stunt came, I stood up for her. When people tried to call her out, I called back. I did basically what a loyal fan would do to any celeb. “Hey, it was a bad case of acid reflux on SNL. What could she do?”: a quote from me on another forum in Oct. 2004.

In December, I finally got her album. It was the 1st out of many CD’s I got for Christmas that I listened to. I was disappointed. The singles that she releases make her look “rock”, though all the other songs (besides ‘Love Me for Me’) are as mellow & bubblegum as a Kids Bop CD. I never considered Ashlee ‘Rock’ before that…just a pop singer with an edge. Despite her ‘rock’/’punk’ look & all the loud music, after listening to her album….I classify it as pure bubblegum pop.

The Orange Bowl, I didn’t watch it live. But I seen it afterwards & thought it was horrible. She sounded like a chicken getting its head caught off. After that, I’m definitely not a fan. This proves acid reflux or no acid reflux, that she has little or no singing ability.

Ashlee didn’t even perform before signing a record deal. How unprofessional is that? I do believe that part of the reason she got a record deal is because of her sister. Without her, no one would really care much about Ashlee. It’s a shame that unknown artists who have a voice, but aren’t related to a famous celebrity don’t get a record deal.

I cannot bash Ashlee’s looks. Looks can change over time. But talent…you either have it or you don’t.

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