My Thoughts On Justin, Christina And Beyonce

Contributed anonymously:

First of all, I love Justin and worship Christina (Christina being the greatest vocalist at the moment). Here’s my take on some of today’s hottest and relevant stars:

1. “Futuresex/Lovesound” is a great CD. Even better than “Justified” — melodically. But, as a reviewer above said, it has too much Timbaland. I think we’re approaching the days when the much-awaited death of hip-hop is coming, and rappers featured on singers’ CDs are becoming tiresome. Justin is a great singer, and he doesn’t need any rapper to support him at all. But, like everyone else today, he’s gotta have ’em. Still all of us await the day when good melodies and lyrics (WITHOUT rappers and hip-hop) make a comeback. I hope Justin spearheads that movement.

2. “Back to Basics” is the best — melodically and vocally. Thematically, it’s all over the place. I think Xtina’s inspiration for this one is The Corpse’s “I’m Breathless,” which was great, as it was compact, tight and consistent in maintaining its 30s/40s theme, and much of the songs in it were written by Sondheim. “Back to Basics,” unfortunately isn’t anything like that. For lyrically, it’s horrible — we’re all sick of Xtina complaining about her horrid childhood and saying “F-You” to her detractors who criticize her sexuality. Enough already! We want to hear her sing about other topics for a change. The lyrics were very identical to her rants in “Stripped.” She should employ better lyricists and get rid of Linda Perry. Aside from that, “BTB” is the best CD of the year. Oh, by the way, she should also choose her singles wisely. Good as it may be, “Hurt” just bores the hell out of everyone.

3. Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Horrible CD cover and artwork, horrible singles, simply horrible. “B-Day” is a great career misstep. I think it happens to every artist. They think they’re so great that nothing could go wrong. That’s why they dish out mediocre stuff to the public like “B-Day.” But the public is gullible no more. They don’t buy mediocre stuff anymore. Hence they stayed away from “B-Day” and then it flopped. Ring the alarm for Beyonce, there’s a new one-named wonder in the business: Rihanna.

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