MySpace Fashion: The Fit With Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum 'Inside Out'

MySpace Fashion takes viewers behind-the-scenes shopping with actress and singer as she visits Dolce & Gabbana, Milk and Decades in Los Angeles. The clip features Emmy, joined by friend and stylist Jager, taking the camera on route to each hot spot and talks candidly about her “classic Hollywood” style and thoughts on the music industry.

“Lyrically I really want to write for a woman who is smart and confident and sexy in a kind of vulnerable, real way,” Emmy explained. “I guess I listen to the radio and so many of the girls on the radio seem so kind of objectified in their videos, and I guess I kind of want to be more of a real girl, so that’s what my music is all about.”

Emmy Rossum on MySpace Fashion: The Fit, talking about her music and style“When I first finished part of my record, I really wanted to get the music out there right away, because it’s so personal and so close to me and I wanted to know what people thought about it, so I immediately put it up on my MySpace page. In fact I made a MySpace page, I didn’t have one, so I could get the music out to people and get feedback. That’s what’s amazing about MySpace. Three minutes after I put it up I got comments back on what people liked and what they didn’t like.”

Video at MySpace can be viewed below.

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