Naomi Judd Blasts Britney For Turning ‘Pre-Teens Into Little Sluts’

Naomi Judd was on the Fox News Channel’s ‘Heartland’ with John Kasich on Saturday to promote her new book ‘Naomi’s Breakthrough Guide: 20 Choices to Transform Your Life’. The conservative pundit asked the country singer if she thought was “out of control”. Judd responded, “I think she is. I sincerely do. We only get to be welcomed once. She was victimized by the silly pop culture that turns pre-teens into little sluts. But I think you only get to be a victim once. After that, you are a volunteer. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the right people around her and she’s probably the biggest purveyor in the world of this nonsense. One big problem is people don’t know who the heck they are. They are not defined from within. And Britney Spears is the poster child for that. We have followers following followers in this country. I wish that everyone would hunker down with this book and figure out their belief asks their values. It’s the only way we will be happy and have a decent society.”

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