Naomi Judd: Britney Spears And The Like ‘Doomed’

Naomi Judd visited ‘Larry King Live’ on Monday (January 8), where she complained about the amount of attention paid to “ and the like” in the media.

When King asked if the media is overdoing it or what can be done about the incredible emphasis on youth, she responded, “Not only are older folks invisible, but we are completely preoccupied with these gals who are behaving badly. And the sad part — well, you know what? In psychology they call operant behavior? OK. This is pretty cool. You give a chick a little kernel of corn and train her to turn to the left. She’s going to keep doing that. I don’t believe these girls — I wonder where their folks are in all this. Obviously not giving them a sense of self-responsibility, accountability…”

Asked what they’ll end up like, Judd responded, “I think they’re doomed, frankly, right now… Because if Lindsay Lohan goes out like she just did and flashes crotchless at the paparazzi at the Kids Choice Awards, she gets rewarded. She gets a kernel of corn because she gets the spotlight and attention. We all need the spotlight. We all need attention to be acknowledged, paid attention to and loved. But — and let alone Nicole Richie, god love her, going the wrong way on the freeway at midnight on drugs. She’s got a heroin history. Right now she’s anorexic. I spent time with anorexic and bulimic girls at Shades of Hope. And this is a life-threatening disease.”

Check out the complete transcript here.

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