Natalia Kills Discusses Lady Gaga, Harry Potter & More

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checked in with her Twitter followers (@NataliaKills) on April 17th, answering dozens of questions submitted on the social networking site, where the topics fielded by the 25-year-old ranged from what she thought about Lady Gaga and Rihanna to whether she believes in God. Among the questions and responses:

jaume_abril: What do you think about LADY GAGA? Do you want to collaborate with her??
Natalia: I’ve never met Lady Gaga but I’m sure we’d get along! She’s so creative… We probably have more in common that most 25 year olds!

JoanaLoves_u: What’s your favorite designer?
Natalia: My favorite designer is Alexander Wang… I’m obsessed! My wardrobe probably looks like his show room…

LauraKills3: Why you love Paris so much?
Natalia: The last boy I fell in love with was from Paris. Some things just make you who you are… some how Paris has made me who I am

Brito1396: is there someone that inspired you? Who helped you to be brave?
Natalia: My Grandmother inspires me. She’s everything I want to become… She’s responsible for everything good about me…

Valilney: Your favorite city?
Natalia: Hollywood is my least & most favorite place on earth. Its beautiful & horrifying all at the same time… perhaps I’ll never leave!

Rosi_Kills_carr: Do you like Harry Potter? Lol
Natalia: I hate Harry Potter. But I’d do Daniel Radcliffe if Ryan Gosling wasn’t available…

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