Natalia Kills Wonders If “Real” Exists Anymore

Natalia Kills

checked in with her Twitter followers (@NataliaKills) this morning, talking about cosmetic surgery and wondering what is real anymore. The 24-year-old singer, who is readying the U.S. release of her debut album ‘Perfectionist’ on August 16th, writes:

I’m confused why society looks down on cosmetic surgery but is fine with tattoos. Many of us make ‘man made’ alterations to our bodies…

…as its a natural feeling to want to improve, enhance, change/make ourselves more ‘unique’. Why do people look down on beauty enhancement?

So whats worse, ignoring natural feelings to improve or ignoring the natural state of our bodies?

Well I’m pro happiness. Surgery isn’t for the insecure, its for the decisive. Tattoos aren’t for the ‘lost’ but for memories we want to keep

…And so far I’ve had neither of the 2. Which is obvious – I’m 24. But its bullsh** to diss one and not the other, so why go off on either?

Ok but I’ve seen more hideous tattoos than bad surgeries! And at least a surgery can be corrected- have you seen tattoo removal scars? Gasp.

And if its ‘fake’ to add things on like ‘fake boobs’ then am I fake for adding on 5 inches of height when I wear heels?

Is it ‘fake’ if you sunbathe at the beach cause when you’re tanning you’re unnaturally browner than how you were born?

Is my natural accent ‘fake’ because I travelled when I was a kid and I don’t sound as intensely British as other Londoners?

What is fake?

What is real? …Does it even exist anymore?

Well what cracks me up is reading comments in magazines saying “she is fat”, “he is ugly” but THEN the criticism for surgery is even worse!

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