Natalie Walker Feeling Anxious About November’s Election

Natalie Walker updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Thursday ( 11), weighing in on the November U.S. elections. The Philadelphia indie pop artist writes:

I’ve been feeling so anxious about this election coming up. I’m now at an age where I’m not so self absorbed and am actually ‘getting’ how insanely important it is to keep your nose in this stuff and really get behind your party. I think politics can be quite depressing though. You watch these candidates basically chew one another up and bad mouth each other to get the American population all worked up to vote for whoever they feel is the ‘best man’.

I’m one to take everything with a grain of salt though. Propaganda isn’t going to make my decision for me. It never has and it never will. Looking toward the future is the most important thing now. Our country is suffering greatly and anyone who says it’s not has their head in the clouds.

The full post has since been removed.

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