Natasha Bedingfield Is Missing Her Fiance

Natasha Bedingfield

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashabedingfield) on Sunday (September 28) while on tour. The British singer songwriter talked a bit about her fiance Matt Robinson, telling fans:

I miss my fiancé… Oh yeah by the way if you didn’t know already I got engaged!!! All my friends have been finding out about my news from pictures of me and my sparkly ring on the Calvin Klein red carpet.

You may ask ‘Why do I miss Matt right now?’ Well, he is presently hiking his way to the Everest base camp with my mum who is going to be sky diving really soon. Only about a week now to go till she takes the plunge. I am really glad he is out there with her to make sure she is safe and also to film it so we all get to view the journey later.

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