Natasha Hamilton’s New Year Includes First Solo Video & Baby #3

Natasha Hamilton updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashahamilton) on Monday (January 4), wishing them a Happy New Year and discussing her panto role as Peter Pan and releasing new music in April. The former Atomic Kitten writes:

Happy New Year!!! Hope u had a good one. We had a nice quiet one, with family. Did a bit of dancing round the living room, had good food and was in bed for 12.30am! I’m really looking forward to 2010, although I can’t believe how fast the past decade has gone by! I was thinking back to the millennium and how that only feels like a few years ago! The past 10 years have been amazing for me, career and family wise. This year I’m planning to go down a lot of different avenues and try my hand at different things. Panto was a start for me, I’d like to do more TV work, my 1st single will be getting released around April. I hope my music goes from strength to strength, I have a really great album waiting to be heard. I’m planning to renovate my new house, shoot my first solo video and the arrival of baby no.3! Its gonna be a busy one for sure.

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