Nation Of Islam Courting Michael Jackson

may not be converting to Islam, but the Nation of Islam is heavily courting the King of Pop to join their group, according to a source. “They are trying very, very hard to get Michael into the fold,” the source tells Jeannette Walls of “It would be like the Scientologists having Tom Cruise. It’s full-court press time… .Jermaine is already a member, and it wouldn’t surprise me if those reports that Michael had joined the Nation of Islam were leaked by Jermaine.” Read more.

Sneddon Not Interested In Book Deals On Jacko Case

December 22, 2003 – The New York Daily News reports Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon is being courted with book deals and movie offers for his long term battle with Michael Jackson, especially following the child molestation charges against the singer. “After the 1993-1994 investigation, I was offered money to write a book then,” he told the Daily News. “I turned it down. Why is it so hard for all you media folks to just accept the fact that the sheriff and I are just doing our jobs?”

Michael Jackson’s Media Circus Of Horrors

December 21, 2003 – Harmon Leon of Metroactive described his day in Las Vegas outside the CMX Sports and Entertainment Studio, the day that charges came down on Michael. The comic spent part of the day as reporter Chas Lemon of Canadian Music Television, part of the day as a Jackson supporter, and ended up driving a impersonator around the swarm of press outside CMX. Check out his funny account of the day, poking fun at entertainment media, here.

Axes His Trip To UK

December 21, 2003 – The Sun reports Michael has cancelled plans to visit England to promote his new album amid fears it would be wrecked by protesters, angry the singer would be allowed to travel abroad while facing child molestation charges. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott said, “I must confess I was a little bit surprised that someone in America can be released from their bail condition of not travelling abroad in order to launch a CD.”

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  1. MistySl says:

    Mike Jackson’, ‘Now the question is, will mike be a muslim woman or man. I’ve never seen a muslim with eye-make-up and lip-stick. Ms. Mike is a hot mess

  2. clayfan says:

    Funny comment, by the way. Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season.

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