Nelly Furtado Debuts New Video On TRL Monday

came on to MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk with host Carson Daly and debut her new video for ‘On The Radio’. Nelly talked about her win and how she had to react when she lost with the cameras on her. Nelly also says she can still hang out in the underground since her pop music is counter culture and it is inspired by hip hop. For a complete transcript that may be hard to read at some points (blame the computer generator, not me :) ), read on.

my next guest is not afraid to get a little dirty, multi-platinum
please welcome the one and only Nelly Furtado.

Carson: You feel cheesy holdin’ it or something?

>> No.

Carson: This is a Grammy right here, people. This is awesome.

Carson: This is what the artists starve for for years.

>> It is beautiful.

Carson: It is gorgeous you just won the damn thing.

>> Is this like a trophy or something?

Carson: Yeah, it is. Here, you don’t have to hold it the whole time.

>> It is nice. It is beautiful. I missed it the moment i got out here.

Carson: Good thing you didn’t forget it on the podium. How was the show, your first time.

>> Amazing.

Carson: What was the most fun like the people you run into it.

>> All the actual performances, just so high caliber you know what i
mean? I just sat there and had great seats, Tony Bennett, Billy Joel my personal favorites.

Carson: This is when you won. You must have been freakin’ out when they called your name and you won.

>> I was sitting with my mom, right next to me.

Carson: Did they have the camera on you?

>> Yeah, always they do.

Carson: Everybody or just the winner.

>> The problem when you don’t win they get your expression.

Carson: Can’t say, oh “f”.

>> You don’t want to be overtly excited like Alicia won something and
I –.

Carson: Like the camera was not on you and, ahh, I don’t believe she

>> Nothing negative that was cool.

>>Ararson: And your performance.

>> It was amazing, yeah, yeah.

Carson: I like the stripped-down acoustic vibe. Did you initially write
like this, the first version of the song.

>> Wow. I’ve never seen it. ‘Cool.

Carson: Look at you there. Let’s watch it for a second. That’s a lovely
gown you are wearing

Carson: Is that how you wrote this.

>> Yeah, i wrote it on my song, me and my guitar sittin’ in my room
and i wrote, yeah, i just wrote it in about 20 minutes believe it or not.
That’s how i am i write songs that way and when i get to the studio it
becomes something different.

Carson: How crazy is it sitting in your room with your guitar flowin’
with lyrics then the next thing you know you are pickin’ up a Grammy. Does that freak you out at all. Every time you write, is this going to get me another one.

>> Ha-ha.

Carson: Can you tell the ones that really will pop.

[Inaudible] some days, like this is great and

[inaudible] oh, man this sucks and you have like you totally lose perspective but, uhm, basically when we recorded this “I’m like a bird” we were in
the studio, damn

[inaudible] vocal took two takes, it is similar to like when i recorded,
uhm, “get your freak on” with Missy it was very quick, as well. I think sometimes
when things are very inspired they turn out like the biggest hits.

Carson: Sure.

>> You can’t plan for that.

>> Tiger woods, nowhere is he? I read a big huge article about him recently.

Carson: You can help me with questions.

>> Like a big bachelor, Tiger Woods right ladies

Carson: Sit tight. We have to take a break. More with Nelly Furtado,
music videos and aerobics, ha-ha, apparently next on TRL


[Inaudible] ‘hope you are havin’ a good start to the week, Carson with
the top 10 with Grammy ‘award winner Nelly Furtado. It will be this way every time. You will be forever Grammy-award winner.

>> I know, I know a moniker I don’t mine it it has a ring to it.

Carson: How many languages.

>> I grew up speaking Portuguese and English. I speak a little Spanish. I don’t speak Hindi, i know a couple songs in Hindi, that’s it.

Carson: Give me a little Hindi

Carson: Very nice. Ha-ha.

>> Long way to go with the Hindi there.

Carson: Grammy goes to … 23 years old, a very prolific artist.

>> Thank you.

Carson: You play the instruments, feel the music. Isn’t it a shame there is not more of you out there?

>> Uhm, I don’t know. I feel there are, there are a lot of people out
there, amazing music out really Ii’m inspired by it every day. I listen to a lot of independent music, unsigned stuff.

Carson: In the States or Canada.

>> Today’s underground is tomorrow’s mainstream. Cody Chestnut from LA. I discovered him through The Roots, I just collaborated with. He
is great. I saw him live. Even people who are signed RCA, MCA, I love
people in my video,

[inaudible] underground hip-hop

[inaudible] just a world of stuff out there for real.

Carson: Would you hang out with the underground now.

>> Explore explore.

Carson: When you hang out those people now do they give you a hard time.

>> Ah-haha.

Carson: Do they sweat you?

>> No that’s the cool thing. ‘Cause i think my pop music does reflect
counter culture you know what I mean it comes from a real place and I’m
pretty orthodox with the things I use like in my video inspired by hip-hop
but you see authentic

[inaudible] you see yoyo, Medusa and different people. I like to keep
my elements pure.

Carson: How is the tour going.

>> Burnin’ the spotlight tour, wow, so fun like a

[inaudible] are you comin’?

Carson: Sure. It is going to be planned.

>> Tell Carson to come to the show. It is going to be cool and good.

Carson: I’ll bring Tiger. You brought the video, though.

>> Yeahhh.

Carson: We’ll check it outlet me get to Kylie Minogue “Can’t Get You
Out of My Head” video 7 watch it and we’ll have more with after this:

>>>> Carson: Fans here in New York. Say hi to ’em. That’s Kylie Minogue, video. Your fans are great.

>> Look at all the cutey petuteys out. There it is great.

Carson: I can’t imagine you in a mall at 17 like free-stylin’.

>> Not 17, 14. Actually i sing. I just go and i just sing, wearin’ —
doesn’t matter what I’m wearin’.

Carson: What about the words?

>> Uhm, the words just come, the words are whatever, more about the rhythm and energy.

Carson: Can you guys freestyle for us? You guys want to see this?

Carson: Already.

Carson: ‘Nice.

Carson: Pretty organic.

Carson: there, feelin’ vibe and walkin’ around and goin’
with it. I feel that. Tell me about this video, Hype Williams directed.

>> Vicinity age but brand new how about that.

Carson: What does that mean.

>> The look.

>> When i have my mind on a director i kinda pick one and I have tunnel vision like on the radio will be directed by Hype Williams so he directed the video and we totally flowed we’ve been meaning to work together since we did a photo shoot.

Carson: Anything we should know about this video before we see it for
the first time?

>> Basically, yeah, kind of a tribute to the sweatband

[inaudible] and my tour is inspired by this, uhm, shorts and t-shirt
set his as a 10-year-old do you remember it was white and had fluorescent
splatters on it.

>> so, that’s it.

Carson: Ha-ha. You should have seen mine. All right. Let’s watch here,
‘glad you are here. Thank you for being here.

>> I’m having a great time.

Carson: “On the radio” this is Nelly Furtado on TRL

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