Nelly Furtado Is A Shyne Factory Fan

Chart Attack caught up with Shyne Factory twin brothers Matt Johnson and Mike Johnson and revealed is a fan of the rock group. When they played the B-Side in Toronto for Canadian Music Week, Mike explained, “Some guy came up to me and said ‘Hey man, your show was great. Nelly Furtado’s out in the crowd and she really wants one of your CDs. Can you give me one and I’ll give it to her?’ I was, like, ‘No, she can come back and ask for a CD if she wants one.’ She didn’t come back, but one of her crew came back and said ‘She’s seriously out there and she wants one of your CDs. Can you give me one?’… you wouldn’t think Nelly Furtado would be into the rock ‘n’ roll, but I guess she is!” has since removed the article.

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One thought on “Nelly Furtado Is A Shyne Factory Fan

  1. pl says:

    I really like Nelly Furtado’s music.

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