Nelly Furtado Plans Special Guests On Upcoming Tour

Nelly Furtado spoke with MTV News about her upcoming Get Loose Tour, and some of the surprise guests she hoped to line up. Those guests include her ‘All Good Things (Come to an End)’ collaborator – Coldplay singer Chris Martin, ‘Te Busque’ partner Juanes, and former star Justin Timberlake – who recorded several unreleased tracks with the Canadian star. “We were thinking of touring together,” Furtado said of Timberlake, “but it didn’t make sense for both of us, so we went our separate ways. But I’ll probably come up to some of the Justin shows, so hopefully he’ll return the favor and come to some of mine.” Also look for frequent Furtado and Timberlake collaborator Timabaland. “He toured a little bit with me on my Whoa, Nelly! tour,” she said, “so I’m sure he’ll come back and do his thing. We love performing together, so that should be a lot of fun.” Read more.

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