Nelly Furtado Says Her Music Is Sexy

UniverCity chatted with ahead of her big Grammy night Wednesday where the singer admits, “I feel my music’s sexy. There’s a lot worse you can do than show your belly. Look at Jennifer Lopez: She shows her body off, but her music and videos present her in her element; it looks natural. Britney is a little put on, but there’s nothing bad about being beautiful. The Brazilian feel tends to be sexual, to embrace sexuality. After all, a song is a song. I’m 22, and further down my career, like when I’m 30, I’m not going to be able to get away with lying in the grass somewhat provocatively for a cover. For me, it’s a way of marking the moment, so that later I can say, ‘So that’s what I was like as a young girl. I was so young, so cute!’ The cover also has retro vibe that is very kitschy; it makes fun of me as much as it shows me off.”

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