Nelly Furtado’s ‘Folklore’ Is Pure Diversity

The Associated Press reports that in school, played in the jazz band, the marching band and the concert band. She played the ukulele and the trombone, and that doesn’t even account for the music she played with friends. “I’ve never really stuck to one genre,” she said. “Maybe when I was a young teenager. I was really into hip-hop and R&B, but aside from that phase I think I’ve been pretty open-minded my whole life when it comes to music. It’s hard not to be when you grow up speaking in two languages and singing in two languages.” That mix of musical diversity is symolized on her latest effort, ‘Folklore.’ “I do feel like I’m a standout, that I’m separate from the pack, that I’ve carved out my own niche in the pop world by giving my music an international edge and putting a new spin on how I do things,” she said. “Diversity is my strength.” Read more.

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