Nelly Furtado’s Philippine Radio’s Phone Interview

Contributed Anonymously:

Miles of Magic 89.9 FM: Give it up for Nelly Furtado! yeah!
Nelly: Holla! (laughs)
Miles: Where are you right now?
Nelly: Right now I’m in New York just chillin’ with my baby girl and doing some interviews
Miles: You sound very happy
Nelly: Yeah I know! (laughs)
Miles: Let me tell you that Philippines loves you
Nelly: I can’t wait to go to that beautiful country… I’ll be there soon
Miles: ‘Powerless’ is doing amazingly well here, they just love you… including me
Nelly: It’s a blessing to see all the support from my fans around the world

Miles: How is the song doing in the North America?
Nelly: I’m so excited with ‘Folklore’ that I just don’t care if is selling 1 copy. This album represents my roots, my essence and my culture. ‘Powerless’ is not doing well in the US because of its samba portuguesse rhythms, but you know what? this is me and they can just take it or leave it. I define ‘Folklore’ as multicultural, its made for the world and not only for the American market.
Miles: I love it! all the different sounds and beats… It’s great!
Nelly: (laughs)
Miles: Let’s get Nelly to introduce her own song!
Nelly: All right! here is ‘Powerless’ for ya all! yeah! yeah! yeah!
Miles: That was Miss with ‘Say What You Want, Powerless’. Which is one is right?
Nelly: Either way… So say what you want! So say what you want!
Miles: That’s what I’m talking about
Miles: Well Nelly congratulations with your new album and your baby girl
Nelly: Thank you for all the love
Miles: Philippines is waiting for you
Nelly: I promise I’ll be there soon
Miles: All right bye!
Nelly: Bye Bye!

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