Nerina Pallot Checks In After Run To The Beat Half Marathon

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Monday (October 6). The British singer songwriter tells readers:

It is with great pleasure and pride I report that:

1. I managed to complete the Run to the Beat Half Marathon in London yesterday

2. I am alive and here to tell the tale.

but mostly
3. Because of your kindness and generosity I have far exceeded the £1000 I planned to raise at the outset.

Some of you may have watched the Great North Run on the telly yesterday, which was taking place simultaneously. You may have remarked, over your Sunday morning cuppa and papers, how nice a day it was up north for a run in the early autumn sunshine. And, when watching the elation and sheer exhaustion of runners crossing the finish line, perhaps you too shared in their emotion and wondered what drives individuals to forsake their lie-in and fry-up to pour themselves into lycra (nobody looks good in lycra, I’m sorry) and travel 13-odd miles without the assistance of roller skates, bikes or skateboards. Or 46 Labrador puppies if you’re Mariah Carey.

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