Nerina Pallot Finds Interviews Rather Tricky

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Monday (September 21), talking about how MySpace misspelled Colbie Caillat and doing interviews. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

I’ve been doing a fair few interviews in recent weeks and I am finding them rather tricky. You see, since I disappeared off, I discovered two things. 1: Time doesn’t actually exist and so 2: There’s no point in talking about what you did in the time that didn’t actually exist. I could throw you a further curve ball and say 3: We’re not actually here, but as my older dog just made a funny smell, I can assure you I am here and it would seem she is stating she definitely is as well. See the thing is, I’m very very interested in what other people do – I’m just not terribly interested in other people writing about those other people talking about what they do. I just want to appreciate them doing it. So I get all tongue tied talking about what I was doing while making the thing I do, and that which you see/hear me do.

Also, why does everyone want you to say something controversial? I don’t want to say anything controversial. (Let’s leave that sort of thing to Jordan.)

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One thought on “Nerina Pallot Finds Interviews Rather Tricky

  1. RouteNote says:

    I love how random she is :)

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