Nerina Pallot Very Glum About Mumbai Terror Attacks

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Thursday (November 27), discussing her participation in the Run to the Beat London half-marathon, selling out her February show at Roundhouse Studios in London, progress on her third album, and the ongoing terror attacks in Mumbai, India. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m also feeling very glum about what’s going on in Bombay (sorry, I’ve never got used to calling it Mumbai I’m afraid). I have been very fortunate to have spent some lovely times in the Taj hotel with my Mum and Dad when I was a kid, and to see it become the venue for something so horrible has been really sad. Please don’t let this put anyone off going to such a wonderful, special country and beautiful, vibrant city. I think I might have rattled on at length about this form of extremism a few years back just after the London bombings, because it is something that is profoundly affecting the entire global community, and continues to claim the lives of innocent people everywhere. It also makes life very difficult for the 99.9% of law abiding and peaceful Muslims the world over, and leaves a lot of us more fearful and suspicious. More alarming still is that it will allow control mad governments to usher in draconian new laws in the name of security; and provide everyone with yet another moment in their lives for photo booth horror they don’t need. (Please Santa, please let Jacqui Smith, living proof that even the exceedingly stupid can go to Oxford, return to Malvern now, and I will be a very good girl every year from now on.)

Anyway, enough of that. You come here for music and all, and I was only recently implored to keep my trap shut about political matters. Eeek, I can’t help it, and I didn’t think that being a musician automatically meant disenfranchisement.

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