New Anti-Shutterbug Techniques From Britney & Kevin

‘Luxe Life: Vegas with Robin Leach’ reports that “there’s a good reason for” there being no photographs from ’ party for husband Kevin Federline in celebration of the aspiring rapper’s 28th birthday bash. “As a source in TAO’s management explained to me, any time any photographer — or just a clubgoer who had a camera — got even 15 feet near them on either Tuesday or Wednesday night, one of their eight security guards was shining a flashlight in their faces, so anybody taking pix just gets the bright flashlight beams in their photo,” Leach writes. “Maybe it’s worth the cost of such a staff to avoid any unwanted tabloid pix — but note that during his visit last week here, even Veep Al Gore only had three secret service guards.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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