‘New Britney’ Leaving A Sour Taste In Former Fans’ Mouths

Those who have stuck by don’t seem to like the “new Britney” hanging out with and forgetting to wear panties if postings by her MySpace friends (@britneyspears) are to be believed. “I’ve been a hardcore fan since ‘BOMT’ and I have never doubted you before… but Brit it’s not just me your losing by acting this way, if you keep this up soon you wont have any fans left,” Jean writes. “Put on some panties.” Kelly writes, “I’ve supported you from the start, I never believe any of the nasty things that was written about you, and the past couple of years you were a person I liked and respected even more, it was a big change from ’02/’03 and I was happy for, but now I’ve decided I cannot be a fan of yours anymore.”

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