New Britney Spears Claims Strain Credulity

News of the World is having a field day with the details of ’ stand-off with authorities on Thursday night, but their tale of anonymous sources appears to have a couple cavernous holes which further erode the British tabloid’s credibility. The true details of Britney saga seem dramatic enough, but Rav Singh apparently felt it necessary to turn it up a notch.

“She had one boy in each arm, partly rested on her lap, and they were crying their eyes out hysterically. They were beetroot red in the face, and their eyes seemed swollen with all the tears,” a source said. “She kept blubbing, and you could barely hear her say, ‘Don’t take the boys.’ Eventually a police officer, the monitor and one of the bodyguards got close enough to reach out for the children. At first Britney let go of the boys and the team levered them out of her grasp. But once away from them she pounced on the bodyguard’s leg and tried to stop him walking away.” The problem with this claim – the court appointed monitor had already handed over Sean Preston to K-Fed’s bodyguards when Britney locked herself in the house with Sean Preston.

In addition, the tab claims during a 36 hour period, Britney took 100 pills – including twelve Vicodin, ten sleeping pills, six Ritalin, and unknown number of Oxycontin – yet she earlier in the day was able to drive to a deposition and be almost constantly in the supervision of the monitor. “It looks like everything in her medicine cabinet went down her neck,” a source said. “It seems she was only saved from falling into a coma as the drugs in her system almost counteracted each other.”

It should be remembered that because of everything Spears is currently facing, tabloids will have nearly a carte blanche opportunity to make up whatever sensational stories they feel like concocting. Tabloid publishers know that Spears would have no desire to go through the hassle of lawsuits, especially when Britney would be forced to reveal the true details of her confidential medical ordeal in order to prove libel.

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  1. carly says:

    well at least Britney Spears can accomplish something now that she remains babysitted by her father

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