New Britney Spears Waxwork Unveiled In London

The New waxwork was revealed at Madame Tussaud’s on Tuesday (October 21) at their London museum. Check out pictures from GettyImages, Sky News, and RexFeatures.

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8 thoughts on “New Britney Spears Waxwork Unveiled In London

  1. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    Wow, that’s realistic! The model’s boobs are even made of the same material as Britney’s! Isn’t she embarrassed that she has this done, which only the biggest celebrities do, and they made her POLE DANCING? I hope Britney doesn’t plan to take her future kids to Madame Tussaud’s.

  2. XtinaFighter says:

    Wow that’s realistic! its plastic like the real Britney!

  3. KeLLyOBRiTnEyAnDXTiNa says:

    It’s amazing! But they should’ve done when she first comes out in DWAD

  4. EveryoneSucks says:

    What a surprise…she’s pole dancing. wonder what she thinks of it. it even has that painted on fake face too.

  5. ballersfantasy says:

    Wow, they did a really good job. I could of sworn though, in the LV concert her boobs were popping out more. I just remember because when I first saw I was like OMG she’s gonna pop out. Anyways, I’m surprised they didn’t model it after her famous ‘Baby One More Time’ outfit.

  6. Cicero says:

    It’s incredible how everyone is obsessed with Britney..! She should be flattered that she’s in the legendary gallery of Madame Tussaud.

  7. adri0284 says:

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw the wax figure was that it sums up her career! I’m waiting for her do Playboy or better yet since she is trailer trash, Hustler!

  8. jimmypee says:

    Yeah she must be so proud of being in there alongside such legends as the spice girls and any number of other c-list celebrities. lol Britney fans make the saddest things into “achievements” nice pose they picked though. just about sums her up…a stripper. pity it looks MORE lifelike than the “real” thing though.

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