New E-mail From The Official *NSYNC Fan Club

The Official *NSYNC Fan Club sent out an e-mail to fans with an update on Justin Timberlake’s tour plans, JC Chasez’s status on his solo debut, Joey Fatone’s work on the television version of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, and more on Challenge For The Children. Read on for the complete message.

Hi everyone,

1) Justin’s tour is being arranged as we speak but there are no confirmed tour dates or city routings as yet. We do have a start date of June 4/03 and we know that he will be touring with Christina Aguilera!! The *NSYNC fan club has been in touch with Justin’s solo management team. We are in communication with them about fan club priority seating but nothing has been confirmed as yet. We’ll keep you all updated about his tour through the e-mail updates and through the fan club web pages.

2) We know you agree with us that JC’s “Blowing Me Up (With Her Love)” is totally off the hook. Whoa! Thanks for your support for this song by phoning in to MTV affiliates all around the world and to Much Music in Canada. Fan support does make a difference and JC never takes that for granted. He sends out a “thank you” to all of you that have phoned in your requests. Make sure to check out the “Drumline” movie and its soundtrack. JC has four (4) songs on that soundtrack not only his current single but 3 others. This guy is SO modest that it was pulling teeth to get that out of him!! We’ve received reports that some online record stores have listed JC has having a new CD out……rest assured that this is not a JC CD, but rather the “Drumline” soundtrack that we’ve mentioned to you in the above information………. however………. BIG NEWS!! JC IS IN THE STUDIO NOW WORKING ON HIS SOLO CD. We don’t have any confirmed dates for when JC will tour with this new material but again, we’ll let you know as soon as we do! Very exciting! Also check out a web site that JC has been working on at You can contribute to a survey about “Blowing Me Up” and about your favorite *NSYNC song. You can also download 5 images of JC for your desktop!!

3) Joey has been working on the TV series based on the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. He’s having a great time and hopes to be able to work his role around his upcoming recording and touring schedule with *NSYNC.

4) CFTC staff thank you for taking part in their survey about the location for CFTC this year. We’ll let you know more details about this once some decisions are made. If you’re able to make a personal donation to this charity please send it in to:

CFTC Charity Donation
PO Box 692349
Orlando, FL
USA 32819

Thanks for your support!

*NSYNC Performance Added To Grammy Awards

February 14, 2003 – The latest performances announced by the Recording Academy for the 45th Annual Grammy Awards telecast are Eminem, with Lenny Kravitz, and a special tribute to Joe Strummer and the Clash featuring Elvis Costello, Tony Kanal (No Doubt), Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt. In addition, the Bee Gees will be honored with the Grammy Legend Award in a special presentation that will include a performance by *NSYNC.

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5 thoughts on “New E-mail From The Official *NSYNC Fan Club

  1. mackenzie says:

    When will NSYNC get back together?? I miss you=(

  2. kari lynn clausen says:

    Hi Justin Timberlake hi my name is Kari Lynn Claussen and how are you this evening as well and that like love *NSYNC music to as well and that also the biggest fan of *NSYNC and their biggest fan as you a solo artist as well and that looking for ward to you 2010 future sexy love sound calendar thanks for letting me email you and I am biggest fan of you official Justin Timberlake fan club thanks

  3. Kyle lis says:

    I want to make out with all of you

  4. Anna Grace Gorton says:

    Hello My name is Anna I am 14 years old and live in Westminster South Carolina.I love the songs bye bye bye,It´s gonna be me,gone,I drive myself crazy,I wnat u back,and tearing up my heart those are all my favorites.

  5. jennifer ellis says:

    i miss nsync always been a chris girl

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