New Kids On The Block ‘Summertime’ Video Behind The Scenes

New Kids on the Block behind the scenes on their 'Summertime' music video setWhat happens when Jordan and Jon Knight, Donnie Walhberg, Joey McIntyre, and Danny Wood head to the set for the New Kids On The Block’s new video for ‘Summertime’? Find out by going behind the scenes at the shoot to see what went down when NKOTB reunited after fifteen years. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes footage leading up to their album release on 2nd.

“The concept of the video is that we’ve been separated for 15 years, we’ve been away, we’ve been apart, we’ve been all over place and all over the world, but summertime is rolling around, and after all these years, it’s time,” Donnie explained. “My character sends a text off to all the guys, and we all decide to meet. We head to the beach, as we’re at the beach, we’re all reminiscing about girls of the past. We head to a club, we hang out and party a little bit until we come to the doo-wop part of the song, which is wear we actually first are together as a whole group.”

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One thought on “New Kids On The Block ‘Summertime’ Video Behind The Scenes

  1. kara says:

    i know all the dance moves to your songs and I wish I could do them in front of you guys I am not a shy person I am bubbly and love to talk so I love you guys for who you are even if you did get old you still are hot to me love your number one fan kara Kelly :)

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