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Looking Forward to Spring

Another week has passed. Where has the time gone? There is not much to report this week. Brit is overseas promoting Crossroads, although the tabloids (more like ‘tall talebloids’) say otherwise. These reporters need to be more consistent. Who can keep track? According to them, one week Britney is dating the of Wales, the next week she’s engaged to Justin and this week, the rumor mill has her and Justin broken up.

I’ve wasted enough time on those silly little people. In other words, don’t waste your time and money on their fiction and sometimes science fiction tales. I’m even starting to doubt the ‘real’ news these days.

Enough about that. Jamie Lynn has spring break this week. I had some doctor’s appointments for both of us planned, and it has put a hole in our previous plans to go to Florida. On top of that, we feel sure that Jamie Lynn may be called for a commercial. She and her friends did really well on their call back yesterday. The girls made up their own jingle for the product. Evidently, the director loved it. He taped the girls doing their own jingle. This shall be interesting.

Bryan is super busy with his job and Lauren. I can always tell when he is happiest, because he doesn’t call me as much. Britney is the same way. I may hear from her every three days when she is content. I guess you need someone to sound off to when you are restless or bored. Don’t misunderstand, I love for my children to be happy. It’s just that I also love to hear from them more often!

Spring is almost here. I can tell by the bizarre weather. There was a big storm last night. This morning it is a clear and sunny day. Britney has a few days off. Hopefully, we’ll have some good weather to enjoy the short vacation. One thing is for sure, we can always shop!

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