New Spears Breakup Track Healthy Means To Heal

Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan of the Baltimore Sun spoke with Gilda Carle, a psychology professor, on Britney Spears’ new song she’s been showcasing in concert following her breakup with star Justin Timberlake. Britney introduced the track on Wednesday at a concert in Washington, DC, saying, “Honestly, I’ve been a little bit overwhelmed. Sometimes my life feels bigger than me. … I’ve been writing a lot and here’s something I wrote just the other day. … I gave you my heart … Baby boy, and now you are gone,” she belted out. “I’m out the door. I can’t take no more. “

Carle analyzed the new Britney heart-opening tune saying, “Therapists recommend that girls write poems, stories or letters to get the hurt outside of themselves. This is a very healthy means by which they can heal and share their feelings with the rest of the world.”

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