New York City Cabbie Drives Off With Guy Sebastian’s Guitar

Pop artist Guy Sebastian

was left devastated last night after a New York City taxi cab driver took off with his Guitar Center purchases which he says was worth $3,000. The ‘Australian Idol’ season one winner writes:

Just had a NYC taxi drive off with my Taylor guitar and a lot of new stuff from Guitar Center. I’m almost crying. He just drove off! 3K worth


Thanks for your suggestions guys I called the cab co and they said without a cab number I have buckleys chance of getting it back. :-(

Update: Guy has gotten his gear back, writing earlier today:

I GOT IT BACK!!! Crazy story, basically a NY Post journo read my tweet, contacted the Cab peeps and the commissioner rang me directly

He hunted it down using the time of travel and GPS and guitar and owner were reunited! I got the guitar out and had played some thank you songs!

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4 thoughts on “New York City Cabbie Drives Off With Guy Sebastian’s Guitar

  1. prins says:

    Arrgh indeed! His beloved guitar too & just before a big gig in Philadelphia next week too. Heard before of ‘taxis’ driving off with suitcases, but a first with music gear. Ya need someone sitting in the taxi 1st, before ya load up!

  2. Xannah says:

    Oh, hadn’t he got in the cab yet? I was thinking that he maybe did the cab ride, paid and got out and the driver zoomed off before Guy had time to unload the goodies.

  3. Lucy says:

    So glad he got his gear back. Lucky people who got to hear his thank you songs.

  4. BlueBayBlues says:

    What a relief – no musician likes to be without their guitar! Good news Guy!

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