New York Governor’s Troubles Getting Sanjaya Malakar’s Autograph

The Washington Post reports that when a tall, middle-aged man stopped by the table of ‘’ castoff to ask for an autograph at last night’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, the 17-year-old’s hosts, from People magazine, tried to shoo him away. “We are trying to let him eat,” they explained. The man protested: “But I’m the governor of New York.” And so Eliot Spitzer got his autograph.

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One thought on “New York Governor’s Troubles Getting Sanjaya Malakar’s Autograph

  1. Harve says:

    This Sanjaya kid is the wave of the future. Clean cut, ethical, believes in himself. We are lucky to have a new look from this young man,who sings good old songs and makes them “New” again.The governor was a fan,like all of us who appreciate healthy fun entertainment.Go Sanjaya.go Elliot !

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