NFL Kickoff Live 2003 Concert Photos

Aerosmith, Aretha Franklin, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, and Good Charlotte performed as part of the NFL Kickoff Live 2003 Presented by Pepsi Vanilla show on Thursday ( 4) at The National Mall in Washington, DC. Check out pictures from FilmMagic and WireImage.

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5 thoughts on “NFL Kickoff Live 2003 Concert Photos

  1. FaustoAguilera says:

    Oh god do we really need a pictorial reminder of how Sh***y Britney’s performance was? No I think not….I’m sad to call myself a Brit fan.

  2. BRITNEYGIRLS90650 says:

    YOU KNOW YOU LOVE HER!!!!!’, ‘You need to stop already, your not Christina’s dad and your not good enough to be a BRITNEY fan you need to quit talking all that sh**. if you didn’t want to be reminded, why did you watch in the first place? and then go to “popdirt” to look for her stuff I think you want to be a fan but just hate yourself to much to love anyone that’s better off in life than you. B.R.I.T.N.E.Y.’S.T.H.E.B.O.M.B!

  3. rome says:

    OMG!!! her body is amazing, ahhh! that must take a lot of exercise, I don’t think I could commit to that.

  4. xtinasuxx says:

    wow, now she looks good. and those are some the tiny shorts… but SHE can pull it off.

  5. miraj says:

    Thursday’s NFL pregame performance involving Britney Spears and Madonna bears resemblance to late night pornographic videos on public television. I don’t see the value in a display of nullification of women before a game that purports to pit male breadwinners on the field and female supporters on the sidelines in healthy competition marketed to the general public. The decision makers involved should answer for this.

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