Nick, AJ & Howie Give A Fan An Update On New Album

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According to a fan ran into Backstreet Boys singers Nick Carter, AJ McLean, and at a restaurant in LA. The fan said, “Well, from what they told me, they are getting everything ready and should be in the studio recording sometime in April. They said this would be the best CD they have ever recorded and the fans should be very happy with this CD. I asked AJ about ‘Happy’ and he said he is 75% sure that the song will be on the CD. They also said they will all have at least one or two songs on the CD that each of them have wrote themselves. Nick did not look uncomfortable around them at all. The three of them were talking and laughing. Howie started throwing food at Nick and Nick, then, started throwing food at AJ. (It’s good to know some things never change!) The waitress had to come and tell them to stop. It was funny. Nick hasn’t cut his hair yet. I asked them where Brian and Kevin were and they said they had some stuff to do and they were meeting them later that day’.”

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