Nick Carter And Justin Timberlake Support Each Other

star tells Us Weekly there is no bad blood between he and of *NSYNC. “I like his music,” Carter said. “We ran into each other, and he said, ‘I just want to [tell you] I’m happy for you.’ It’s kind of cool to support each other.”

Detroit Gives Carter 3 Stars, Timberlake 2

November 11, 2002 – Contributed by MissE119: Teresa Gubbins from the Detroit Free Press recently reviewed both Nick Carter’s ‘Now Or Never’ and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Justified’, saying that both boys “are stuck in the ’80s”. She goes on to say that Carter leans toward Def Leppard with a “surprisingly good” result and Timberlake leans toward Micheal Jackson, which “would be impressive if it weren’t so icky”. She rated Carter with 3 stars out of 4 and Timberlake with 2 stars out of 4.

Justin Buying Harry Winston Engagement Ring For Milano

November 10, 2002 – The Sunday Mirror reports Justin Timberlake plans to take Alyssa Milano to New York’s pricey jewelers Harry Winston to get her a proper engagement ring. A friend says the couple plan on throwing a huge engagement party next February. “There is even talk of Alyssa and Justin getting a place in Hollywood together early next year,” said a friend.

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