Nick Carter And Paris Hilton – Is It Over?

Entertainment Tonight reported that star Nick Carter and Paris Hilton are no longer together. The new Us Weekly issue that comes out Friday says that Nick is telling friends he is fed up with Paris and has “trust issues”. They also say that Nick was seen “flirting heavily” with Jessica Simpson’s sister, Ashlee Simpson. Paris is still in Australia, her rep insists they’re still together.

Admin note: Former fling Rob Mills told the Kyle and Jackie O show that he had seen Hilton while she’s been in Australia, but denied that they had sex.

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8 thoughts on “Nick Carter And Paris Hilton – Is It Over?

  1. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    We can only hope…. Ashlee is SO much better than Paris, and would be happy to see that match….EVEN THOUGH I don’t know that I see it happening! This “romance” was bound to end eventually…. I am about 75/25 believing this one this time! ET is usually a good source…as someone just told me!

  2. Smile says:

    There are so many rumors out there that it’s hard to trust any of them. We’ll find out if they’re still together at the MTV Movie Awards being filmed this weekend.

  3. fireice22 says:

    I so hope this is true because Nick deserves better than that *****, Paris! I can’t stand that smug smirk of hers. She needs to learn how to keep her legs closed. Nick is too hot for her. I am so glad they broke up before she asked him to put her on tour with BSB as their opening act. That would be too scary… Paris singing

  4. vintage_kiss says:

    Ugh, They’re both trashy people. Nick and Paris deserved each other. Oh well, Nick eventually would have sat on her and killed her… so maybe it’s good they’re splitting.

  5. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Trashy? Nick’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet. You should really learn your facts before you open your mouth. And that fat joke was horribly lame.

  6. SelenaY143 says:

    You’re a moron. There’s a 90% chance that Nick will dump Paris. You don’t know what the heck you’re talking about and like you even care. So shut up. You praise the Hilton idiot ’cause you think you two share the same brain. Well, guess what? you’re right. Idiots.

    OK, Nick Carter is 24. How old is Ashlee???? Jessica Simpson is even younger than Nick, let alone her sister. lol And what was it you hear about Paris Hilton’s singing??? She already has her song out?? Impossible. That sounds like a Milli Vanilli deja vu. Someone;s bound to report that Paris is horrible at singing or has any talent at all.

    Smells like another tabloid though I really wish it were true ’cause Paris would be sad to know that her fairy tale with Nick was only 5 months or something and she could never survive for a one-year relationship. Nick knows better than her. Maybe she should just go with that Rob ‘Who?’ Mills dude. Too many denials and fake PDA’s.

    you probably have an idea who Paris is but not Nick Carter. And don’t ask the question: Oh, is he that blonde one from the Backstreet Boys? Darn right, you moron. You’re the one talking trash. You barge in here, saying negative things about Nick yet you don’t expect much from these two people anyways. And your lame-arse jokes aren’t working here.

  7. milasmine says:

    Ah, let him be!!! We now Nick is sweet, because we have followed him for years and have NEVER heard anything different from people “in the know”, only from people who don’t now!!! Some of us have meet him and his charming personality made us bigger fans. We also know he is not fat, that is a fact and he is gorgeous, by most normal peoples standards. So let these people really get annoyed and ignore them.

    Poor Nick, if they are still together ??? He souldn’t have to read sh** like this, same if they are not. Poor Paris, she had the best thing in her life going for her and she may have srewed up, if they have broken up. If not, she’s a lucky girl and will hopefully be know that it is hard to come across a nice guy who obviously wants you for more than sex. I do have to add if it is a “trust issue” and this is all true (not) What’s Nicky doing with Ashlee then ??? The same thing as Paris ??? Two wrongs do not make a right. Poor couple!!! I love ya Nick. I’m only wishing you the best babe.

  8. Hazel123 says:

    I actually liked Paris and Nick together for some strange reason. Anyway, I doubt the whole Ashlee Simpson thing. Doesn’t she wear a chastity belt until marriage like her sister did? In which case, Nick will never hold out. And you can be ‘flirting heavily’ with anyone. It doesn’t mean anything! As long as he keeps his hands to himself, I see no problem with him flirting.

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