Nick Carter And Paris Hilton Seen Kissing

Contributed by elgato:

Paris Hilton and Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter were seen together recently. When they spotted the paparazzi, they tried to separate and take off in a car. They were spotted again, this time kissing.

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9 thoughts on “Nick Carter And Paris Hilton Seen Kissing

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    I know Paris has her slutty antics and all, but she is way too cute for him.

    So to find true love it needs to be from a nobody. What a fraud you are.

  2. eLgato says:

    to all the *NSYNC fans who are gonna make nasty comments here, why don’t you talk about cameron diaz and how she robs the cradle, and then Justin who claims to want true love, yet he only dates rich girls.

    your feelings about someone shouldn’t be based on their income or status. duh, idiot.

  3. TheAngryPrincess says:

    “When they spotted the paparazzi, they tried to separate and take off in a car.” Paris Hilton runs towards the paparazzi not away from them.

    She Should Be Low-Key After That Video!’, ‘For me to say that? I come on here! Plus. her skinny ass is in loadsa magazines. She’s a pretty girl, just a bit of a media whore… Second thoughts, scrap the media bit.

  4. minnie says:

    ? she is waring the same hat and sweater in a lot of the pics but in some she has on a skirt and in some she has on pants, while nick has on the same outfit ( Yankees jersey and jeans) did anybody else notice that? do you think she just changed in the middle of her date? its just kind of weird. besides that, if they like each other then good for them1 nick probably needs somebody to take his mind off his family problems, I feel bad for him and Aaron and the other kids being stuck in the middle of that

  5. AvrilRocks says:

    damn paris, stop f**king every guy that smiles at ya. 1st matt brann from avrils band and then nick. two guys I want..and she gets em. she’s not even that pretty. I like her loui vuittonbag, I got almost the same for xmas. wow, Britney has one, Jessica has one, paris has one and I got one. hehe

  6. JLOVER101 says:

    If it doesn’t matter how much money they have, then what does it matter to you that he’s only dating rich girls? Maybe that’s because he finds that he has more in common with someone used to living his lifestyle, and from what I’ve seen some of my friends go through I would say that’s very true, given that a lot of girls are more attracted to the glitz and glamour rather than to the actual person.

  7. XTremeKaos says:

    I’ve heard from Nick fans that Paris and Nikki Hilton have known the Boys and Nick for a long time, so it’s possible that her and Nick are just really good friends, even if they did kiss because Nick is an emotional guy. Or they could be dating, either way. What I don’t understand is how they even have anything in common besides being famous, because Nick is not about the glitz and glamour of Hollywood; he just isn’t that kind of guy. There must be something good about her if he finds her worth his time. I’m thinking maybe it’s his way of forgetting about Jane right now, because there is no doubt things aren’t good with that situation. Whatever happens I just hope, like the rest of his fans, that he is happy. And if they are dating she better treat him right otherwise she could end up with a backlash like Willa. lol

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    GOTTA be a fling, cause Nick is far too nice to date someone so self involved! I have NEVER liked her, and if she screws with his head, I’ll dislike her even more. Who the hell knows what’s going on. Maybe they are hearing rumors and are just playing with the paparazzi, or maybe they really are having a fling. Either way, this is NOT going to last!

  9. Kizzardkid says:

    AHHHHHH! Paris! What the hell are you thinking? I have lost total respect for you girl, I’m soo upset that you would even kiss that cow, you better be getting a lot of money for having that slug on your face.

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