Nick Carter Arrest Report Online

The Smoking Gun has the arrest report of Backstreet Boys on Wednesday morning. The police report said, “The def was involved in a large disturbance at Pop City club in Channelside earlier in the evening. Later that evening, a large unrelated disturbance/fight erupted, as police were trying to arrest subjects and restore peace. At this time, the def became involved in an argument w/ an uk w/f. Police, trying to restore order, ordered the def to leave over (10) times. Finally, the def was told he had to leave by the count of (3) or he would be arrested. The def continued the argument and would not leave, and was arrested w/o incident. The def was id w/ a FL DL. Def was recogged.” TSG decided to not grey out Nick’s home address, but did grey out his phone number.

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One thought on “Nick Carter Arrest Report Online

  1. taraharper says:

    I don’t believe that Nick Carter was diving with DUI that is just not right so all of you can shut your months about him.

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