Nick Carter ‘Cried In Bed For Days’ After Abuse Allegations

In an interview for ‘Access Hollywood’ airing tonight, Jane Carter tells Daphne Barak that her son Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys cried in bed for days after accusations surfaced that he beat then girlfriend Paris Hilton black and blue. “I don’t believe for a second that he would ever hurt Paris,” Jane said. “To be quite honest, I think they had a very passionate relationship.” She even hinted that the sexpot hotel heiress might have staged the bruises. “I can’t imagine those were real,” she said. “I think she can afford the best makeup artist in the world.”

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9 thoughts on “Nick Carter ‘Cried In Bed For Days’ After Abuse Allegations

  1. honeylee says:

    it’s not that she just broke up with him it was because he was being accused of actually harming her, and that SAD-GLORY SEEKING ***** did nothing but welcome the media’s sympathy. how come she is always the frigging victim? well any way, victims (whether it’s actually their faults or not)are used goods. and that is so what she is becoming. it’s official folks: PARIS HILTON IS OVER. she overdid it. and the bruise thing was the last straw. BSB fans will not take this lying down-she hit a fan base bigger than her own and now she is has dug her own grave.

  2. Pheobe says:

    Nick Carter is such a loser. First he beats the crap out of Paris, then cries when everyone finds out about it. What a tool, I’m glad Paris came to her sense’s and got rid of that bald over weight sloppy loser.

  3. itsmybigmouth says:

    Interesting., Well I know for a fact that Nick would have cried for days. He has a crying problem (ie, see when he got arrested, see when he got Punk’d) I really don’t think that the parents should be talking for their kids on TV though. After a certain age it becomes pathetic. I think that they should just drop this story because it’s over just like their relationship.

  4. down_to_earth_girl says:

    Why still talking about it? Hey! Can you just leave him alone? Yeah, he cried, and? What’s so bad about it? He shows that he has feelings and that takes a lot of strength. Leave him be himself. It’s not your business.

  5. Cricky says:

    Jane, Jane my dear Jane.. For one that is still going to court about beating your ex-husbands girlfriend up. Shouldn’t of even made a statement. Even so person to say your son was crying for days. Yes! It maybe, but let him live a private life as much as he can. Look what you and Bob did, nothing, but bring the media to a head and make it worse. As for Paris, she probably paid someone to beat her up and those were not a makeup job. This guy that beat her got plenty of money, but isn’t that smart if he came clean he’d have a lot more money with the fame. He could sell t-shirts I know the person that kicks Paris’s bum and I am proud to know him, yeah!! Ok!! got to fly to the moon got a date with a man just beyond it.

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    Why is this still being talked about? It’s as if they’re either re-hashing old material to make a story or just purposely trying to make up something and act as if it’s the most recent news. Well, nothing happened out of his abuse allegations, so I don’t see why they have to make this more dramatic than what it seems.

  7. JessieJess618 says:

    I’m gonna play arm-chair psychologist for a second: Nick comes from a pretty jacked up family. Truthfully. So, much like rape victims who avoid sex because they associate it with the agony of rap, why would someone who watched his family self destruct over domestic violence issues hit a woman? He’s gone from long term relationship to long term relationship (and those girls in between, but for the most part) which is a psychological indicator that he wants a stable family. Paris is full of it.

  8. anonymus says:

    I go to the head as it is possible that people have such bad entails. But what happens to this girl, is thought to be a millionaire and have money can go around stepping on people at will?

  9. Curbcooler says:

    Paris is now a has been!

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