Nick Carter Dating Brian Littrell’s Ex Girlfriend

Us Weekly reports star is currently dating an aspiring singer-songwriter named Shonette. The 23-year-old once dated fellow Backstreeter Brian Bittell, and is also a cousin of Littrell’s wife, Leighanne Wallace. The twosome have known each other for years, but things started heating up two months ago. So far, a source reveals, “they seem very happy.”

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6 thoughts on “Nick Carter Dating Brian Littrell’s Ex Girlfriend

  1. Natscho says:

    I think this is a bad thing from Nick because Brian is his friend =(. No, no that’s not alright Nicky Boy. You’re sweet but this is not fair!

  2. IMEN says:

    hi Nick I m a big fan of the BSB I like all of you a lot and I want first to say that your new album really rocks about dating Brian’s ex its a little bit embracing but if you like her just don’t care about the others I’m Imen by the way from Tunis “North Africa” kisss

  3. nour says:

    hi everybody I’m Nour I’m a big fan of the BSB all your songs are wonderful .nick you are really wonderful but this is not fair .

  4. Virginia says:

    Umm…no? Nick is dating Lauren Kitt, has been for years, and she has definitely never dated “Brian Bittell” nor is she Leighanne’s cousin.

  5. Samora ehab says:

    What is that stuff?

  6. Samora ehab says:

    All that is not real

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