Nick Carter Denies Allegations Of Hitting Paris Hilton

star has responded to allegations that he was behind the bruising by Paris Hilton. Carter told ‘Entertainment Tonight’ he’s upset with supporters of hers who have been spreading rumors that he had something to do with her injuries. “If they need the media attention, let them do their thing,” Carter said. “My family, friends and fans know that this is not my character and I would never hurt anyone that I cared for or do anything like the malicious things they are claiming. The truth will come out.”

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10 thoughts on “Nick Carter Denies Allegations Of Hitting Paris Hilton

  1. bsg1hbk says:

    I knew he didn’t touch the bloody cow! now lets all move on and wait for that cow to say the truth . like I said before if he didn’t hit Willa Ford he wasn’t going to hit this woman

  2. Smile says:

    Of course Nick didn’t do anything to her. But I am happy he said this so people will get off his back for something he didn’t do. I can’t wait for karma to catch up with Paris Hilton. And when it does, I hope I’m there so I can laugh right in her face.

  3. galleta says:

    Bout time he made a statement. I know Nick is a gentleman and all but this is something he needs to clear up, this is serious what she is trying to accuse him of and the sad thing is being a female with bruises people are gonna believe anything she says or even insinuates and she’s gonna get major sympathy from people

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    There you go!!! Had Nick done it, he would have admitted to it in a call from a treatment facility! That’s just the kind of guys the Boys are….each one of them!!! He’d step up and take responsibility had he done it!

  5. Smile says:

    OH COME ON PEOPLE. Saying “I would never hurt anyone..etc.” IS denying that is happened. Nick’s lawyer has already been denying this. The only reason Nick hadn’t already came out and said it wasn’t him was because if he plans on taking Paris or the newspaper who printed it to court, everything he says can and will be used against him in the court of law. Regardless of the fact that he’s innocent of this, he has to be careful what he says.

    Why would Paris want or use this for publicity? Well for one thing, she has NO job, and she does NOTHING. She has to have something bad going on in her life to keep her in the spotlight that she loves so much. A girl that has been abused isn’t going to show her bruises around and then not say who did it. If Paris wanted to keep this a secret, she would have have covered herself up instead of wearing a see-through dress. And not just that, she wouldn’t have her arm around yet another guy. When a girl has been hurt, she doesn’t want to be around a guy that soon after it happened. Paris Hilton doesn’t care about anyone but her money and herself.

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    If you look at the “Good” pics of those bruises, there is one right above each elbow.’, ‘It’s pretty solid and even….like maybe bondage toys that could have been too tight or played with wrong…..from an S & M shoot last Tuesday or Wednesday? That is IF they were ever really there at all….. Even our non-bias ‘popmaster’ is starting to question whether or not they were even real…..that says a lot in my book!

  7. milasmine says:

    If anyone watched ET tonight…’, ‘They have strong reason to believe that it was a riotous party girl that caused the bruises…So the entertainment shows and the Tabloids are already on to someone else having done this… And Nick made it very clear from the start he did NOT do this to her…Asked on Extra he said, “Hey I love that girl”, referring to the fact that he would NEVER hurt her!!! I have never thought of myself as a “hater” of any one person of celeb, like this site is loaded with, but after these sad allegations…I have become a “hater” of all of those who have been so unjust and sh**ty towards Nick. They know who they are. Hey, your hated!

  8. popmaster167 says:

    Its good that he’s denying it finally. At least now people know the truth & Paris is looking like the liar here because Nick has flat out denied it and Paris and her reps are still figuring out what to say. Its an awful thing to do to anyone, what Paris has done and probably will continue to do because it leaves a great big fat question mark over Nick’s name, but over time it will probably hurt her more because as time goes on Nick will look innocent for denying it and Paris will look more guilty the longer she keeps stumn about it. She will receive a hell of a lot of backlash over this & there’s a great big fat question mark over Paris’s head as well.

  9. averageanything says:

    I’m sure all of us would love to give Paris Hilton a piece of mind. But, she isn’t worth the trouble, and what comes around goes around. She’ll face crap like this sooner or later.

  10. Smile says:

    First off Nick’s almost done recording his own album and is done with two movies he’s going to be in. And he did this all before the two of them dated. He has been working HARD since he was a young adult and a teenager. A lot of what Paris has done on this supposed album of hers is because of Nick. He helped her before he realized she was going to lie about him. Paris is talking her sweet time with everything. She doesn’t do anything too hard on herself. She says she has a “show” now because she tried to act like a normal person on the Simple Life. That’s pathetic. That’s NOT having talent, or a job.

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