Nick Carter Dominates Searches Over Backstreet Bandmates

Searches for Nick Carter topped all his Backstreet Boys bandmates as usual, though the disparity got even bigger now that he’s prepping his debut solo release ‘Now Or Never’. For the month of August on pay-per search engine, ‘Nick Carter’ was searched for 54,587 times. The next month popular member… Brian Littrell, with only 6,817 searches. References to Willa Ford and his racing team were part of several searches as well. The pop singer’s most searched song lyric was for ‘Help Me’ with 1,356 queries. The most common misspelling was “Nick Cater” with 295 searches.

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3 thoughts on “Nick Carter Dominates Searches Over Backstreet Bandmates

  1. april says:

    I Google Howie 100 times a day thank you very much it just stings now because it has her too but it ain’t stoppin me no dirty stuff though I am a lady.

  2. nickbabe692001 says:

    Hello my name is Michelle I’m nickbabe I love Nick he hot

  3. sandra says:

    hey Nick add me

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