Nick Carter Fans Vs. Justin Timberlake Fans

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I think this is an interesting little bit: Nick Carter fans fighting constantly against Justin Timberlake fans. “True fans” of the Backstreet Boys star claim that they hate his *NSYNC rival, when “true fans” of Justin claim that they hate Nick. I see a ton of posts on various message boards with the fans of the two different artists fighting over to see which one is better–Nick or Justin.

Fans of Justin claim that Nick is, “fat, ugly, and his album is doing poorly on the charts.” Now first of all, Nick Carter IS NOT FAT. I’m not saying he’s the skinniest guy on this planet, but he’s not overweight either. His weight is healthy for his tall height and body shape. A true music fan wouldn’t care how well their favorite artist does on the Billboard Charts. Charts are just full of numbers, which don’t really mean anything; it’s the music quality and talent of the artist which REALLY counts. And I can’t really say anything about looks, because everyone has different opinions on who looks hot and who is “ugly”.

On the other hand, fans of Nick claim that Justin is trying to over-expose his relationship with Britney Spears to gain more success with his album, and they feel as though the only talent he has is dancing. Now, I’m not much of a Justin fan, but I’m sure to some people, they think he’s talented. I do however, think that over-exposing his relationship with his ex has gained Justin some extra fame and media time. But that is just my opinion. On the dancing, he does seem to concentrate a lot on the beats of his music to make sure that it’s danceable, but I guess that’s what his fans like.

I really wish fans would cut the crap with this fighting nonsense…it really is nonsense, and you are all acting like a bunch of teenyboppers when you do it. You may be surprised, but Nick and Justin actually seem pretty cool with each other, at least that’s what they say in their interviews. Nick has said some nice things about Justin, and Justin has said some nice things about Nick. For example, Nick once said that, “Justin is a cool cat”, while Justin complimented on Nick’s music by saying that, “I heard Nick’s ‘Help Me’ song, and he is going to be the next Bryan Adams.”

So it really is just the fans who are fighting…and the media who are keeping nasty rumors about them going.

This nonsense must stop…it’s childish and immature. You may disagree with me, but this is how I feel.

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10 thoughts on “Nick Carter Fans Vs. Justin Timberlake Fans

  1. Carol says:


    for me the Nick is the best, he dances, sings, is .. have a great talent, while k Justin has more fame through Britney’s …. it is obvious …

    and N’SYNC, were influenced by BSB ….
    Nick and the other bsb
    are the best boy band world
    love the …………:-)

  2. nick says:

    nick is nice one but Justin is just a big big POO

  3. ALE says:

    NICK CARTER THE BEST!!! and Backstreet Boys too!

  4. SB says:

    “the next Bryan Adams”

    if Justin really said that, then SWEET ;D



  5. bsbnicknina4ever says:

    for me, Nick Carter is the best. based on their performances, Nick gives all he can do to make his performance cool. he is cute, I love his cute bluish eyes,
    his body LOL, THE WAY he communicate to his fans. Justin is good too I THINK. but to all Justin fans. just accept the fact that Nick is better than Justin.
    justin is like a pimple that suddenly emerge in the world.
    hahhaha.. :DD

  6. bsbnicknina4ever says:

    he’s the best.
    love him since when I was 5.and now I’m 13
    (almost 8 yrs now).
    Nick Carter has great cool amazing voice.
    like an angel.
    justin fu**s.
    fu** you justin

  7. Mikky says:

    Whoaaa…Nick Carter all the way!

  8. Rachel says:

    Rap it up Nick!!! Well, Justin is good but I love Nick’s music a lot…he’s very passionate, talented, cool and he’s the prettiest guy in this world!! lol… Let’s support his newly launched album “I’m Taking Off” and the NKOTBSB tour this summer:) To all Nick Carter fans…you rock guys!!

  9. Adam says:

    Lol guys this thread was back in 2002, nearly 10 years ago you idiots. Nick ended up being a coke addict while JT’s career went down the sh**ter in 2007 when he stopped singing and started trying to act. THE END

  10. Stephany says:

    NICK CARTER, of course, we have to be honest, JT’s cool, yeah, but NICK i mean, NICK is beautiful, well he’s PERFECT. And BACKSTREET BOYS the best pop band EVER. I love you Nick! . Nickolas Gene Carter ?

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