Nick Carter Gets ‘All Romantic’ With Paris Hilton’s Return

star Nick Carter tells USA Today he was at the L.A. airport Friday night to welcome his girlfriend home from Australia, where the heiress had been staying the last few months to work on the horror remake, ‘House of Wax’.

“I couldn’t sleep all night mainly because I was making stuff for her, trying to be all romantic,” Carter said. “I stayed up with my friends making her a gigantic card.”

Paris says she and Nick are “going to Europe this summer!”

Nick Carter And Did Not Break Up

Contributed by elghato: On Thursday, Us Weekly reported to ‘Entertainment Tonight’ that Nick had broken up with Paris because of trust issues. That obviously upset both Nick and Paris, because on Friday, they told ‘ET’ that they’d be attending the MTV Movie Awards together (walking the red carpet, as well), and that they did not break up.

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6 thoughts on “Nick Carter Gets ‘All Romantic’ With Paris Hilton’s Return

  1. DEATH2BSB says:

    Who are they trying to kid with this bullsh** story everybody knows that Nick Carter is the biggest queer on the earth well beside from elgato and clay aiken. Come on it doesn’t get any gayer than Nick Carter well the exception of clay aiken and elgato. Next they are going to try to pull another bullsh** story like dumbass4backsh** can sing or AiRmerB!tch doesn’t play with her Nick Carter doll anymore or even better that popdicklover isn’t poor.

    Paris Hilton would never date Nick Carter for three simple reason. 1. He is gay 2. He is a fat ass 3. He is the biggest prick of all time

  2. Meggz75 says:

    All this love crap is making me sick lol And Stallion…I think you have a crush on Nick which is why you continue to say that Paris isn’t dating him. I understand being jealous of Paris dating such a cutie as Nick, but that’s how life goes. Just accept it like I have and realize they are happy together and that is all that matters.

  3. milasmine says:

    Ah, Paris is truly the luckiest girl in the world. What a doll he is. You have got lots of support Nick/BSB. I can not believe how excited everyone from so many different sites are. Even MTV has said they can not believe all the mail coming in about BSB being back, MTV’s response “It’s gonna be big!

  4. nanda_ho says:

    if I really had a chance to *** Nick Fatter I really would. poor Paris Nick is just using her for publicity. we all know that nick has a bank account of a plumber nowadays. I hate you Nick Fatter

  5. backstreetgrl says:

    excuse me ***** why don’t you get your facts straight you dirty ass thing..just because you aint got no man and no life don’t mean you gotta hate on nick and he’s not fat he’s not that most skinniest person..which he is very sexy husky..but you wouldn’t know anything about that because you can’t get any because ur to busy ***** stupid stuff bout nick..get a damn life..and stop hating..ohh yea and ***** he’s got money umm..if I’m not mistaking paris started talkin to get ur damn facts straight and get a damn life

  6. CanadianBSBFan says:

    Just because she is a fan doesn’t mean she has to like everything they do’, ‘Personally I don’t care who they date but just because I like them doesn’t mean I have to like everyone they date or are friends with. I don’t even like some of my friends’s girlfriends or boyfriends.

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