Nick Carter Gets Robbed

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did an interview with Rob of YTV’s Hitlist. In the interview, the Backstreet Boys star admitted that his favorite sibling is Aaron Carter, he has 20 tattoos, his favorite member is Joey Fatone, he hates liver, and favors his Cadillac Escalade. Read on for the transcript.

[From YTV’s Hitlist]

Nick gets Robbed

Rob: Alright are you ready to get robbed?
Nick: Rob me

Rob:What’s your name?
Nick: Nick

Rob: How old are you?
Nick: *laughs* 23..

Rob: What’s your favourite colour?
Nick: Green

Rob: What’s your favourite car?
Nick: Escalade..

Rob: What is it?
Nick: Escalade….Cadillac

Rob: K.. favourite holiday?
Nick: Umm… Halloween

Rob: Whats the weirdest costume you ever had?
Nick: uh…. i dunno.. G.I. Joe

Rob: Ok and I take it that was last year? haha, just playin..

Rob: Ok, favourite video game?
Nick: Mortal Kombat

Rob: Favourite Nsync member?
Nick: *laughs* umm.. i dunno, Joey?

Rob: Favourite sibling… you don’t have to answer
Nick: uhh.. Aaron

Rob: Aight, Aaron if you’re watching your brother loves you

Rob:How many tattoos do you have?
Nick: oh man.. i can’t remember

Rob: well, give us an estimate.. 5..
Nick: 20..

Rob: 20?? Wow…

Rob:Any peircings we don’t know about?
Nick: *Nick looks down* no! haha, jus playin

Rob: What food do you hate?
Nick: I dunno.. i like all food

Rob: even liver?
Nick: Oh no…. I hate liver!

Rob: K, I’m gonna same some names and you finish them..
Nick: ok..

Rob: Avril
Nick: Lavigne

Rob: Mariah
Nick: Carey

Rob: Craig
Nick: David

Rob: Elton
Nick: *laughs* John

Rob: K, i’m gonna sing a song and you finish it.. “Help Me..”
Nick: Figure out the difference…. between right and wrong…
*both of them laugh*

Rob: Congratulations, You’ve just been Robbed!

Source: BackstreetNews Yahoo Group

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