Nick Carter Gets Searched At Mall Of America

Backstreet Boys fan NeeCee shared her experience meeting at the airport last night in Minneapolis after his Mall of America appearance on the message board. She writes, “So, Nick goes to go through the check point before you get inside the actual gates. I was standing there up against this pillar thing talking to Sam and i just happened to look up and there is Nick, getting searched!! LMFAO! He had his hands up in air and he was just laughing away. I hung up with Sam and i was just laughing at him becuz he was just laughing so hard, and they like searched him forever. He looks over at me just laughing, then he sees me laughing and he starts to laugh harder. LOL! My friends started walking away and i am like “um guys, i am watching him get searched…where are u going!”. So they came back over and he looks over again at us and keeps laughing! So then they finally finish ( we were joking saying the person who was feeling him up was enjoying way too much! lmao! ). He puts his hat back on, puts his sweatshirt back on and starts to walk away. It was too cute becuz he turns around and waves at us, and smiles. I think he was kinda embarrassed fans got to witness him get searched, but it was too damn funny!”

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