Nick Carter Getting Paid To Lose Weight?

This week’s blind item by Billy Masters asks, “Could it be that a famous relative of someone in this very column is being paid to lose weight? That’s the buzz coming from the boy’s bandmates, who tell me that their once fair-haired cutie has gotten so big that he’s been wearing oversized clothing and bulky jackets (didn’t Luther Vandross go through this stage about a dozen times?). They are urging him to lose the weight before their next homecoming – or before he becomes even larger than life (whichever comes first). I’m told that they have all chipped in and bought him a trainer – and now after only a couple of weeks he’s starting to look so good that he is constantly shirtless.” Billy also has news of Jennifer Lopez teaming with Anastacia for a duet of ‘No More Tears’ originally sung by Barbra Streisand/Donna Summer, losing his virginity, and AJ’s fiance Sarah Martin.

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