Nick Carter Gives Paris Hilton’s Album The Thumbs Up

The Daily Star reports Paris Hilton is now planning to release a song called ‘Screwed’ to address her leaked sex tape with Rick Solomon. “I’m writing my own songs and drawing from my own experiences,” Hilton said. Her boyfriend Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys added: “I think she’s definitely got what it takes.”

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10 thoughts on “Nick Carter Gives Paris Hilton’s Album The Thumbs Up

  1. SelenaY143 says:

    Give me a break. *coughs* Thumb’s Up? Nick didn’t “give it a thumbs up.” This news is friggin’ old. He’s either saying that to be polite or he’s only heard Paris sing one song, that you could probably hear in a karaoke bar. lol Besides, he’s talking about his girlfriend. He’s probably being nice about it. I doubt Nick even thinks Paris is that good. I’d laugh so hard if her album turns out to be like Britney Spears. Wannabe.

  2. Britney-Can-Sing says:

    of course nick will say nothing but nice things about paris and kiss her a$s non stop. paris brings food to the table. poor old nick not as famous as he used to be. no money more problem

  3. listentothemusic says:

    yeah,Nick Carter only can kiss her ass.He can’t sing for ass.Neither can Hilton.they make the worst couple in the world. BSB sucks because Nick Carter is one of the

  4. Jaggie says:

    oh Jesus. let’s see how badly she tanks. has anyone heard her sing? she’s terrible!!!! she sounds like an 8 year old. A retarded 8 year old.

  5. texassoftballchick says:

    Paris singing? PLEASE SAVE US!!’, ‘Of course, Nick Carter is going to approve. Paris has him by the short and curlies. If Nick doesn’t give the song a “thumbs up,” Paris will make sure he is never up again. “Screwed” is a perfect song title for Paris though. It is the story of her life. And the only real talent she has.

  6. anti_social66 says:

    Paris should just go back to doing porn flicks and the simple life. BUT wouldn’t it be weird if the song was #1 for like a couple of weeks and her album sold like 1 million copies on the first week. THEN I would know real music is dead.

  7. milasmine says:

    Try the fact that he has $30 million in the bank, smart ass…Nick Carter magazine conversation recently, quoted…”My brother has as much money in the bank as me ($30 million) and he is only 16″!

  8. JessieJess618 says:

    Oh come on…Nick’s idea of having what it takes is based on three criteria: 1. gag reflex 2. take it backdoor 3. shut the f up and pay the truck note Yeah, she’s a champ at swallowing as long as you don’t mind her answering her phone. Like he’s gonna blast her crap and miss out on that sloppy wet hole. He’s stupid, but not retarded.

  9. galleta says:

    Has anyone heard Paris sing its pathetic, Randy Jackson of American Idol said she must be in a fantasy world, its pretty bad, I doubt Nick really thinks she can sing but he is her boyfriend, and he has to support her I wonder what he will say after they break up that’s when he will really be honest lol

  10. klabbeqb says:

    Poor Nick he is so head over heels in love with that woman he can’t even thing straight. I wouldn’t want to be the one picking up the piece once she dumps him. It’s so sad to see the man act like her butler/ boy toy. He needs to open his eyes. Nick needs to stop crushing on her, and see what’s really going on in their relationship.

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