Nick Carter: I’m Turning Into The Old Nick Again

closeup of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter

Backstreet Boys star checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@nickcarter) on Saturday (August 30) with the following message:

I woke up about 10 o’clock. Im in Edmonton Canada. Rolled out of the bunk, walked to the front door of the bus, opened the door, took a deep breath in… And froze my n**ples [Note: censored to avoid Google’s awful image filter] off. Its freakin cold, lol. Actually it’s awesome cause I love the fresh Canadian air. MMMMMM MMMM GOOD. Anyways, I’m here chillin with my brother in Catering now. Were both wired off of COFFEE … AHHHHH!!! It’s an awesome thing to have him out here with me. I love him so much. :). So, in a nut-shell , Very excited about the great things that are happening in my life. Bout the new album with the Boyz, about my health, bout the new relationships I’m developing. Finally, I feel like I’m turning into the old Nick again. Actually! The new improved positive Nick. I love life, music, and family and friends. That means you. Anyways, If your here in Canada? I’ll see ya on stage. seee yaaaaaaaaaaa

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