Nick Carter Interview On Fox TV Before Billboard Awards

Contributed by elgato:

Before going on stage for the Billboard Music Awards, Nick Carter was backstage talking to Fox TV. Nick talked about the old Backstreet Boys band and how they’re still friends. The interviewer asked him what award he and Shannon are presenting, but Nick didn’t know. Later, she told him that it was the ‘Artist of the Year’ award. She asked who’s his favorite, and Nick said “Avril Lavigne, I love the way she performs.” He also said that he and Moby are good friends. Leah Remini, in the Fox studio at the time, asked Nick if he watches her show ‘The King of Queens,’ and Nick said “of course.” She said, “Yeah right.” Nick said, “No, of course I do.” Leah responded, “You better.” Then they all laughed.

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