Nick Carter Intro’s ‘Help Me’ On TRL

Backstreet Boys star phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to debut his new video ‘Help Me’ on the show. Nick tells Quddus he doesn’t “necessarily want to get involved in all the competition thing and everything” with *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake. “If it does really well I mean that’s great but I’m just so happy to be able to do it and the fact that it’s even gonna be played
on TV.” Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: On the phone the youngest member of the backstreet boys but
first to go solo nick carter.

Nick: Wha’ssup quddus.

Quddus: How are you, man.

Nick: Chillin’.

Quddus: Where are you callin’ from.

Nick: In L.A. Like watchin’ trl right now and on 10-second delay.

Quddus: I’m going out to cali in a minute how is it out there sunny.

Nick: Nice. Actually the weather is really nice.

Quddus: Beautiful as always. Talk about the album it drops october 29th.
I know we are not going to hear the traditional B.S.B. Sound in fact you
have said you want to write the opposite of “I’ll never break your heart”
how would you describe your album.

Nick: The album I’ve always be about rockin’ since a kid even though
i was doin’ pop and you know pop r & b with the boys. I always was
goin’ in the dressin’ rooms playin’ system of a down for the first time
for the guys and they were like, yo, get out of the dressing room kind
of thing. I definitely wanted an album i really felt proud of and wanted
to do. I mixed up the rock with pop and just put it altogether on one album
so but i didn’t want to go too crazy because what i did before with the
boys, you know, if i really did like start really doin’ rock and stuff
like that, you know, people might take it the wrong way or somethin’ like
that. So — i kinda slightly you know moved into it.

Quddus: Takin’ baby steps to change your sound for sure.

Nick: Yeah.

Quddus: Cool we’re about to premiere your new video if “help me” i was
watchin’ makin’ the video liz night you seemed so happy onset, dude like
reallyin’ the best i have ever seen you feel.

Nick: I’m a nut case, man. I mean, it’s funny because like it’s — just
so cool after owe he especially after 10 years of being with the guys I’ve
been with them sin like i was 12 and I’m 22 now and it’s just to try something
different and just you know experience something different in life is just
really fun, you know and that’s — i mean, the whole thing with music and
everything that i kinda realized is that, you know, music is you know being’
an entertainer you are here to make others happy happy and i love to make
music for other people.

Quddus: Cool.

Nick: I enjoy being able to do it and I’m so blessed, man to even be
able to be played on trl still know what I’m sayin’.

Quddus: Definitely man sounds like you aren’t taking anything for granted.
Trl needs to — used to have this classic battle between backstreet and
nsync. As objectively as you can answer do you think your video will be
able to compete with Justin’s.

Nick: I don’t necessarily want to get involved in all the competition
thing and everything. I just I’m really happy just to be able to do it
and everything and even just

[Inaudible] It. If it does really well i mean that’s great but I’m just
so happy to be able to do it and the fact that it’s even gonna be played
on T.V., You know, is a blessin’, you know. I don’t kww, you know, i mean
hopefully it will compete well, I don’t know. I like what I’m doin’ right
now, i mean i really enjoy it and want to have fun while I’m doin’ it at
the same time.

Quddus: All right we’ll check out the new video the premiere of nick
carter “help me” thanks for callin’ in, man.

Nick: Thanks, y’all peace

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