Nick Carter Is The Devil… Well, In The Race World

Contributed by elgato:

According to, “‘Nick Carter’s El Diablo Racing’ signs on to race with the biggest, fastest boats in the world.” El diablo is Spanish for the devil. Last year, Nick Carter Racing raced in the APBA organization and won the national championship in its first year, which is unheard of. This year, the Backstreet Boys star is moving his team towards racing the biggest, fastest boats in the world. So his new team, Nick Carter El Diablo Racing, will race within the Super Boat International (SBI) circuit. He joins a handful of celebrities racing in the SBI including Chuck Norris, Jason Priestley, and Kurt Russell. Nick’s participation in the sport has drawn many young fans to the sport. He also performed various concerts at races with brother Aaron Carter and friends in O-Town. This season, Nick will continue to bring the music and the racing. The goal is to take the World Championship.

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